Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #6 - October 21, 1999

Attachments and Handouts:



OCTOBER 21, 1999 - 730PM

  1. HANDOUT - Review of September 28th Meeting Minutes - All agendas and meeting minutes can be reviewed at or
  2. HANDOUT - Updated Adult Committee Roster and Committee Positions - Please review the lists and provide any corrections or updates to Larry Goldsmith or Walt Tanner. Bill Asay and Gary Romans have been deleted.
  3. Shirts, Hat, Patch - Any additional designs ?????
  4. HANDOUT - Updated Crew Roster with Advisors assigned to each crew. The Roster has been revised for some changes and to equalize between crews. 9 Crews have been set up as of now unless additional adults and Scouts sign up. If there is space available, it will be offered to other New Jersey Councils after November 8th. Please bring all papers submitted by the Scouts at the Open House or after to provide to another crew advisor. Also provide me with the names of Scouts who have dropped out so that refunds can be made.
  5. First Contingent Meeting - Any comments, suggestions or critique.
  6. First Contingent Shakedown Hike - Any comments, suggestions or critique. A special thanks to those who helped with the coordination, the food, the road support, the bus drivers & Applegate Trucking.
  7. Camperships - Please let me know if there are any Scouts that can be identified who may be in need of camperships. The paperwork has been received from Northeast Region for 4 camperships @ $375 each.
  8. Scout payment process - Imperative that everyone stay current with payments as deposits are due for Philmont and airfare. As soon as you have money, get it to Council Office (Donna) and let Larry Goldman know. Identify which Scout has paid monies for Larry and for Council. Adult fees will be due in April.
  9. Coleman Scholarship - Ralph Bertelle was the first selection, Nicholas DeCristofaro the second and Sean Stewart the third to be submitted on behalf of the Philmont Contingent. Need someone to make contact with the OA to coordinate the submission of the paperwork.
  10. HANDOUT - Crew meeting agendas with topics to be discussed. Let me know when and where crew meetings will be held so I can attend some of them.
  11. HANDOUT - Review of Itinerary Selection Form with Program features.
  12. - Philmont Program Features - provides the Scouts with all of the programs available.

    - Philmont Program Preferences - provides the Scouts with an opportunity to indicate their top 10 preferences on the basis of what they would most like to participate in.

    - Program Feature Tally Sheet - provides a worksheet so the Adult Advisors can compile all of the crew’s choices and determine the top 5 itineraries containing the programs the Scouts were most interested in.

    - Philmont Itinerary Selection Aid - a worksheet to get an overview of itinerary selections.

  13. Based on the information from Philmont, they are doing a complete revision of the information. Per Philmont: based on the notes taken last summer and the evals from crew, most changes will be of the following nature:
  14. -Renumbering so that 1 is "Typical" and 30 (or whatever) is "Super Strenuous"

    -Use of new/different camps (i.e. he plans a route that uses the campsites at the Hunting Lodge) to spread the load out at some camps

    -New trails that have been finished in the last couple of years have drastically changed mileage. Also more accurate methods of calculating mileage are now available so that we can set routes better. While we have found that most routes are pretty close, we have found that some routes are shorter or longer than published (I KNEW IT!!!! My last trek had to be AT LEAST 100 miles.)

    -A couple of itineraries "get too high too early" and have higher incidences of crew problems, so changes will be made on the front end

    -More use of the Valle Vidal

    -Information on which routes are just renumbered when the new book comes out (also thinking about changing the name of the book).

  15. HANDOUT - Philmont Advisors Guide - to be reviewed at meeting.
  16. HANDOUT - Review of Crew Leader Instruction.
  17. Future meetings will include a review of how each crew meeting progressed by each crew. Helpful information for all crews.
  18. Just a reminder - October 28th is Club Day at EMS. 20% discounts are available.
  19. Next Meeting - November 18, 1999, Thursday at 730PM, Lawrence Lodge, Quail Hill.




Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #6
October 21, 1999
Meeting Notes


Alvarez, Bascue, Cain, Crichton, Gallagher, Giunta, L. Goldman, R. Goldman, Goldsmith, Golisch, Gordaychik, Jennings, Marshall, Mayer, Moralle, Noschese, Nuber, Ortiz, Pachman, Pinhas, Ragucci, Rock, Smith, Tanner, Vaughn


Agenda, Minutes from Meeting #5, Adult Roster, Committee Positions List, Updated Crew Rosters, Crew Meeting Agendas and Information, Philmont Notes 1-3, Itinerary Selection Form, Philmont Advisors Guide, Crew Leader Instructions


Reviewed prior meeting's minutes. They can now be found on in addition to the old site at

The following were deleted from Committee Roster: Romans and Asay


Looking to have a patch design by next meeting. Phil Crichton provided additional design elements for the shirt.. Click on it to see a larger version.

MCp2kTotum_f.gif (24723 bytes)

Subsequent to the meeting, Larry Goldsmith used the elements in Phil's design for a proposed patch design as shown below.

patch2000s.gif (40045 bytes)

Crew Rosters

Updated Crew Rosters were handed out. It was discussed that neither the adult nor the crew rosters should be posted on the web sites to protect privacy. Any one who wants an electronic copy of either should contact Walt Tanner or Larry Goldsmith. If we have no additional signups, Walt will offer one crew slot to other NJ Councils. Council is reviewing the Adult Applications for approval in the near future. Two Scouts were swapped between Crews 8 and 9.

Contingent Meeting

The Contingent Meeting was reviewed. It was considered a success. There was discussion about the appropriateness of the Youth Protection Video shown especially since some younger siblings were present. We should be more explicit about the nature of the video prior to showing it in the future. It was thought that the older video may be more appropriate for the Contingent.

Fall Shakedown Hike

The Fall Shakedown was reviewed. Thanks were given to Greeley and Dainty for their coordination efforts along with the bus drivers and Applegate Moving for providing the truck. Suggestions for improvement included making sure that the most current trail maps were used and providing the maps and directions earlier.

Crew Meeting Information

Sample agendas for a November crew meeting along with an outline of topics for other meetings was passed out. Additional agendas will be provided next month. The November Crew Meeting agenda was reviews stressing the concept of having each member of the Crew have a position of responsibility, the use of Philmont Notes 1-3 which were attached, and the use of the Philmont Program features list and selection form in working toward itinerary selection. Philmont's instruction sheet to crew leaders was handed out for review. At each Committee Meeting from now on, each Crew will give a brief (one-minute) summary of their training activities during the prior month.

Review the Philmont Advisors Guide for additional information for yourself and your crews.

A quick overview of the PEAKS book was given explaining the sections and how to read the itinerary information to aid in itinerary selection with your crews.


Getting payments in will be the responsibility of the Lead Crew Advisor. It is important to keep them timely. Payments should be sent to Donna at Council with a notification to Larry GOLDMAN for tracking overall fee payments.   A sample fee recording form is attached. The budget is still up in the air -- as the currently quoted airfares are sky high!


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be November 18, 1999 at 7:30 PM at Monmouth Council Service Center in Oakhurst.
[Note correction to location]

Web Site

Information about the Philmont 2000 Trek can be found on the Internet at or