Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #5 - September 28, 1999

Attachments and Handouts:



SEPTEMBER 28, 1999 - 730PM


  1. HANDOUT - Review of August 11th Meeting Minutes
  2. HANDOUT - Updated Adult Committee Roster and Committee Positions - Please review the lists and provide any corrections or updates to Larry Goldsmith or Walt Tanner.
  3. Shirts, Hat, Patch - Any additional designs ?????
  4. HANDOUT - Tentative Crew Roster with Advisors assigned to each crew. The first Advisor shown with each crew is the lead Advisor and will have all forms submitted by the Scouts. Changes to crews may have to be made as additional Scouts sign-up. Review the registration form and the Scout Questionnaire so that all missing information can be completed when the crews meet. This includes having the registration notarized.
  5. HANDOUT - First Contingent Meeting agenda and additional material - September 30th @730PM Quail Hill Scout Reservation, Lawrence Lodge. All Scouts should be called to remind them of the Contingent meeting. An opportunity to get to know the Scouts and get the rest of the forms, especially the medical form for the Shakedown hike. 700PM arrival to set the room up. All Adults in Class A uniforms.
  6. I’ll provide a large alphabetical listing for check-in. I’ll also need several for handing out information.

  7. HANDOUT - First Contingent Shakedown Hike - October 8,9,10, 1999 Harriman State Park. This is not to be a grueling hike but an opportunity to assess the abilities and determine if there are possible problems a Scout might have. It is an opportunity to help those who might have a problem between now and the departure to Philmont. We will leave Monmouth Mall at 530PM on Friday, October 8th. Scouts will need to wear uniforms going to and coming back. A phone chain should be arranged for each crew in case plans change. A parent completed medical form must be completed for each Scout. Adults also.
  1. Camperships - Please let me know if there are any Scouts that can be identified who may be in need of camperships.
  2. Scout payment process - Imperative that everyone stay current with payments as deposits are due for Philmont and airfare. As soon as you have money, get it to Council Office (Donna) and let Larry Goldman know. Identify which Scout has paid monies for Larry and for Council. Adult fees will be due in April.
  3. The Open House went well with 72 sign-ups out of 77 sign-ins. I’ve received a number of telephone calls and would expect additional sign-ups during the next several weeks. Any suggestions for improving the Open House process.
  4. HANDOUT - Crew meeting agendas - An agenda for the first meeting is attached. The remaining agendas will be provided at the next meeting.
  5. HANDOUT - Scout Manners. A review of the handout. Also to be included in the handout at the Contingent meeting.
  6. HANDOUT - Coleman Scholarships - review of papers attached to determine who will be submitted.
  7. HANDOUT - Fundraising suggestion from the Internet. Other forms of fundraising - paper drives, collect aluminum, pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, car washes, sell candy, sell popcorn.
  8. Publicity/Promotions - Will provide an article for the NOV/DEC TRAIL looking for additional Scout sign-ups.
  9. PEAKS book(HANDOUT) and Guidebook to adventure - Will review if time permits to cover several specific sections. I’ll provide handouts for crew training and itinerary selection at the next meeting.
  10. Next Meeting - October 21, 1999, Thursday at 730PM at Council Office in Oakhurst.



Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #5
September 28, 1999
Meeting Notes


Alvarez, Bascue, Cain, Crichton, Gallagher, Giunta, L. Goldman, R. Goldman, Goldsmith, Golisch, Gordaychik, Jennings, Marshall, Mayer, Noschese, Nuber, Ortiz, Pinhas, Ragucci, Rock, Smith, Tanner


Agenda, Minutes from Meeting #4, Adult Roster, Committee Positions List, Tentative Crew Rosters, Contingent Meeting Material, Crew Meeting Information for Contingent Meeting, Scout Manners Note, Coleman Scholarship Information, Fundraising Ideas from Internet, 1999 PEAKS Book


When reviewing prior meeting's minutes, Walt requested that all adults continue to help and stay on the committee even if not currently assigned to a crew as changes will likely occur over next 8 months.

The following were added to Committee Roster: Dan Smith and Charlie Ragucci; deleted were: Balma, Hans, Amann, Arose, and Brogowski


Looking to have a patch design by next meeting. The shirt ideas  shown below were provided by Phil Crichton. Click on it to see a larger version. Walt proposed using the red version over the heart on the front of a beige shirt with a Philmont map on the back of the t-shirt. A variation could also be used on the hat.

P2K_Totum_r4.gif (11772 bytes)  P2K_Totum_y4.gif (11734 bytes)

Crew Rosters

TENTATIVE Crew Rosters were handed out. At the meeting the Advisors from Crew 10 were moved to Crew 9 and the Scouts from Crew 10 were redistributed to other Crews for the Shakedown. The makeup of Crews 1 and 2 were also adjusted. The revised Crew Rosters were available at the Contingent Meeting. The first Advisor listed on the Roster is considered to be the lead Advisor. We have 72 signups of the 77 Scouts to attend the Open House. We are still trying to get 85 Scouts registered.

Contingent Meeting

The Contingent Meeting on September 30 at QHSR will consist of the Youth Protection: Personal Safety Awareness video, short introductions, and then crew meetings to prepare for the first shakedown hike. Parents are encouraged to attend. Advisors should call their Crew members to remind them of the meeting. Philmont backpack rental is now $18 (in 1999). The major portion of the meeting (about 45 minutes) will be spent in Crew Meetings. The topics to be covered in the Crew Meetings are: introductions of Advisors and Scouts, Review/read Scout Manners and harassment item from page 6 of Guidebook to Adventure, and follow the other topics on the handout in order to prepare for the Shakedown. Remember: The Advisors' job is to make sure that the Scouts are prepared for Philmont; sometimes this means making the hard call about the readiness and ability of the Scout.

Fall Shakedown Hike

For the first shakedown  on October 10-12, 1999, the Crews should form a telephone chain in case of any change in plans. Scouts must be in Class A uniforms to travel. There will be a transportation fee of $10 collected from all Scouts. They should pack a trails-end bag that can stay in the truck. All should plan to carry at least 3 liters of water on trail; all water on the trail must be purified. The hike will not be grueling as it is not intended to wash anyone out but to be an opportunity to gauge skills and attitudes to guide further preparation.

Open House

The Open House was reviewed. It was noted that the map to the Rec Center was outdated as it did not show Rt 18 as being completed to W. Park Ave. The event was deemed a success. It was suggested that future applications request an e-mail address from the Scouts.

Philmont Literature

The 1999 Philmont PEAKS book was passed out. It will be reviewed starting at the next meeting.

The 1999 Guidebook to Adventure was briefly reviewed. Highlighted information included: p5: Philmont contact information, p6: Physical Training, Harassment, p7: Crew Leader Lead Crew! (It was suggested that the Philmont Guidelines to Crew Leaders be passed out next meeting), p8: Stay Together, Conserve Energy, Map and Compass, p10: Weather, Clothing, Money. p11: Sleeping Bags, Boots. p12: Labels, p14: Stove Shipping, p20: Team Effort, p23: Safety and Health, p26-27: Stress and Group Dynamics, p29: Lightning, p30: Bears, p31: Medical Treatment, p43: Religious Services (all to attend in base camp!)


Getting payments in will be the responsibility of the Lead Crew Advisor. It is important to keep them timely. Payments should be sent to Donna at Council with a notification to Larry GOLDMAN for tracking overall fee payments.   A sample fee recording form is attached.


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be October 21, 1999 at 7:30 PM at Council Service Center in Oakhurst

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