Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #9 - February 10, 2000

Attachments and Handouts:



February 10, 2000


Review and Rosters

  1. HANDOUT - Review of Jan. 13th Meeting minutes
  2. HANDOUT - An updated Committee Roster is attached. Add e-mail for Gallagher, update Guinta work phone, add Arose.
  3. HANDOUT An updated Crew Roster is attached. Delete McCann (1), add Arose as Crew Dad (2), move Marshall to Advisor (1).
  4. Finances and Payments

  5. Airfare Status - Committed to airfare of approximately $326 per ticket on Continental. All on same flight outbound leaving Newark at 12:10 PM and arriving Denver at 2:46 PM on 6/28. Contingent split returning: one flight leaves Denver at 6:20 PM and arrives at Newark at 11:54 PM; the other leaves Denver at 3:35 PM and arrives in Newark at 10:24 PM with a change in Cleveland. All times and arrangements are subject to change so this should not be published to the Crews.
  6. HANDOUT Letter to Contingent on revised payment schedule
  7. Scout Payments All payments should be brought up-to-date as soon as possible and make sure that Larry Goldman is notified of the details of all the payments made to Council as soon as they are made to Council. Cash-flow will become critical.
  8. Camperships Any additional needs?
  9. Fundraising Any comments?
  10. Hat/Patch/T-Shirt Status

  11. Hats/Patches/T-Shirts Status - The 2000 Monmouth Council patches are in. Current plan is to place a patch on the hat. The T-shirt design has been agreed to and we are waiting for the map for the back.
  12. Be prepared to let me know the T-shirt sizes and the number of additional hats to be ordered TONIGHT. The prices for additional are: T-shirts-$5.00, Hats-$4.00, Patches-$3.00. Remember include ALL T-shirts on form but only ADDITIONAL hats and patches.
  13. Medical Forms

  14. 2000 Philmont Health & Medical Record, Philmont Medication Form and the Monmouth Council Medical Addendum handed out last meeting. All completed forms should be returned to Crew Advisors by the second shakedown and be completely checked for completeness. All Adult Medical forms should be provided to the Contingent Leader by the Conservation Weekend. Remember, a copy of the Insurance card MUST be attached to the form. If the information is incomplete when it is reviewed at Philmont, it will be the responsibility of the Advisor to call back to New Jersey to obtain the information. Any questions?
  15. Crew Meetings

  16. Each Crew Advisor will review their recent crew meetings. If you would like any help in planning and/or running a meeting, please let me know and I will try to help or find someone who can.
  17. Crew Itinerary Selection

  18. HANDOUT: Preliminary Itinerary Selections
  19. PEAKS Book & Guidebook to Adventure should be in the process of being reviewed within each crew by now. Preliminary determination of the first five choices for the crew itineraries should be completed. Each crew should be prepared to provide their choices so that they can be finalized. Note that several itineraries are blocked now with two Crews selecting them as first choices.
  20. Planning for Final Itinerary Selection Meeting -- We'll also need to set up a calling chain for notification for when the Philmont package arrives. Are all telephone numbers on the committee roster correct? There will be a need to have at least one Advisor from each crew available in March to make a decision on Itinerary selection.
  21. Training Event Planning

  22. CPR/First Aid Training Status Report
  23. Conservation Weekend - We are doing Conservation work at both Quail Hill (May 13) & Forestburg (May 6). We have coordinators and will need to know which Crews are attending which weekend.
  24. Second Shakedown Hike The second shakedown is scheduled for April 7-9, 2000. Need assistance to coordinate Truck, Bus, Tour Permit, Instructions, Food, Road Crew, etc. Will be planning to use Philmont food for Dinner.
  25. HANDOUT: Philmont Menus
  26. Next committee meeting - March 16, 2000 at 7:30 PM at Council Service Center, Oakhurst
  27. Other Topics

  28. HANDOUT: First Aid supplies - Sample letter and list attached.
  29. Still have not received a copy of Philmont Tooth of Time Traders Catalog