Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #4 - August 11, 1999

Attachments and Handouts:



AUGUST 11, 1999 - 730PM

1. Assemble August Mailing to Scouts

2. HANDOUT - Review of June 17th Meeting Minutes - Can be reviewed beforehand at ""

3. HANDOUT - Updated Adult Committee Roster and Committee Positions - Please review the lists and provide any corrections or updates to Larry Goldsmith or Walt Tanner. An application is required to be shown on the Committee Roster. The Roster reflects Committee positions that have been selected. Please review for accuracy.

4. Shirts, Hat, Patch - Designs provided to date. Any more suggestions or ideas???? What about a contest having Scouts submitting their ideas??? Keep in mind the lead time required to finalize the suggestions and getting the items imprinted.

5. Publicity/Promotions
- Forestburg Scout Camp - How did the presentations go???
- Open House Planning for September 15th, 1999
- HANDOUT - Review of Agenda & Items required
- Get the word out about the Open House
- HANDOUT - Article in September/October "Scouting Trail"

6. First Contingent Meeting - September 30, 1999
- Film - "A Time To Tell"
- Arrangements at Lawrence Training Center
- Crew Assignments and First Crew Meeting

7. First Contingent Shakedown Hike - October 8,9,10, 1999
- Coordinators, Cost, Logistics, Transportation
- Need volunteers for road support

8. HANDOUT - 1999 Philmont Health & Medical Record - Looks like this will be updated each year as the date is now shown. A number of changes from previous medical forms.

9. HANDOUT - 1999 Philmont Planning Guide for Councils & Units. A lot of helpful information with some of it duplicated in other publications.

10. HANDOUT - 1999 Guidebook to Adventure - An updated copy for 2000 will be provided in March 2000 for all participants. Has a lot of helpful information and answers a lot of questions. A publication that should be read a number of times by all Advisors so you are familiar with the contents and will enable you to answer many parent questions.

11. HANDOUT - 1999 PEAKS Book - This publication provides the information necessary for the Adult Advisors to make a knowledgeable decision as to what Itineraries their crews should be selecting. More information on how to use this book will be provided at future meetings. In the meantime, please review the book so that you are as familiar as possible with it. 12. For those who surf the WEB, below are some URL’s for good information about Philmont.
- Probably the most comprehensive site with links to an enormous amount of information.


Other Websites of interest
- Backpacker Magazine Website

Other store or outlet Websites can be found in the Sept. 1997 Backpacker Magazine on pages 115, 116.

13. Camperships - more information to follow, NE Region provides financial amount based on size of group. It is expected that Monmouth Council will be offered 4 Waite Phillips Scholarships valued at $300 each.

14. Crew meetings - Handouts will be provided at a future meeting providing suggested meeting formats and topics that can be discussed so each crew is prepared. Also collect monthly payments & provide to committee member at meetings.

15. Budget - Will be worked on shortly based on Open House sign-ups.

16. Future meetings will include a review of each activity or event after it has occurred as a critique and an opportunity for improvement in the future.

17. Over the next several months, additional program aid handouts will be provided.

18. Next Meeting - September 28th, 1999, Tuesday at Quail Hill at 730PM.



Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #4
August 11, 1999
Meeting Notes


Alvarez, Bascue, Cain, Crichton, Giunta, L. Goldman, Goldsmith, Golisch, Gordaychik, Greeley, Hans, Jennings, Marshall, Mayer, Moralle, Noschese, Nuber, Ortiz, Pachman, Pinhas, Rock, Romans, Smith, Stewart, Tanner


Agenda, Minutes from Meeting #3, Adult Roster, Committee Positions List, Open House Agenda, Sept. Trail Article, 1999 Philmont Medical Form, 1999 Council & Unit Planing Guide, 1999 Guidebook to Adventure


Prepared the Scout mailing with labels prior to start of meeting. Reviewed Meeting Minutes from last meeting. Discussed updated roster and committee positions. Reminder that names go on the list when an application is received. Not all of the adults indicating a desire to go to Philmont will be able to; 20 adults will be assigned when crews are formed after the Open House. Based upon past experience some of them will have to drop out for a variety of reasons so we hope that the other adults will continue to work with the committee and the crews to be prepared if a slot opens.


Discussed several designs for hats, t-shirts, and patches. Bring additional ideas next time. The idea shown below was from Harvey Nochese. Click on it to see a larger version.

harvey-t-logo.bmp (4478190 bytes)


Promotion was done at Forestburg during the summer. We have spotty information on how it went. There was a good presentation at JLT with a lot of questions and interest.

Open House

The assignments for the Open House were reviewed. See the updated assignment sheets and agenda on the web site or attached. There was a discussion of signup order and whether both the Scout and parent were required to be in attendance. We discussed that it was encouraged that both the Scout and the parent be present but that a reservation would be accepted if only one was and the deposit was made. A parent could have the application notarized at the Contingent Meeting on September 30. Also if someone else brought an application and deposit for a Scout and neither the Scout or parent was present, it would be considered on an exception basis on whether to accept the application.

Contingent Meeting

The Contingent Meeting on September 30 at QHSR will consist of the Youth Protections video, short introductions, and then crew meetings to prepare for the first shakedown hike. Crew assignments will be made by the next meeting on September 28.

Fall Shakedown Hike

The first shakedown is on October 10-12, 1999. There will be a transportation fee of $10 collected from all Scouts. We need road crew volunteers. Bob Greeley reported that after scouting out a trail up near High Point, it was decided to hold the shakedown at Harriman State Park. Permission has been obtained for the buses to drop us off and for one truck to be parked in the park. No other trailers or commercial vehicles will be allowed.

Medical Form

We will get the final 2000 form in January and that should be completed by April or May with the doctor’s signature. A draft is required to be filled out for the shakedown and signed by the parent – but not a doctor. That form is in the Open House package and should be returned at the Contingent Meeting.

Philmont Literature

The 1999 Philmont Planning Guide for Councils and Units was passed out. Everyone should read as it has a lot of good information.

The 1999 Guidebook to Adventure was passed out. It will be reviewed in more detail at the next meeting. It will be helpful in planning with the crews to learn the Philmont Way and to understand what to expect. Scout Manners will be discussed at the next meeting – and a reminder about full uniforms being required before a Scout will be allowed to board the plane to Philmont!


Getting payments in will be the responsibility of the Crew Advisors. It is important to keep them timely. Larry GOLDMAN will be tracking overall fee payments. The total budget is almost $100,000 and it gets no subsidy from Council. We are still shooting for $950 target but it will be tight. Adults will pay 60% of the total feed and that will be due as a single payment next April.


Next Meetings

The next meeting will be September 28, 1999 at 7:30 PM at Lawrence Lodge at Quail Hill.

Web Site

Information about the Philmont 2000 Trek can be found on the Internet at