Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #3 - June 17, 1999

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Meeting Notes -  in Word format

Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #3
June 17, 1999
Meeting Notes


Alvarez, Balma, Bascue, Cain, Crichton, Gallagher, Giunta, L. Goldman, Goldsmith, Golisch, Gordaychik, Greeley, Jennings, Marshall, Mayer, Moralle, Noschese, Neubers, Ortiz, Pachman, Pinhas, Romans, Stewart, Tanner, Vaughn


Agenda, Minutes from Meeting #2, Adult Roster, Committee Positions List, Meeting Dates, Open House Package, Backpacking Course Announcement


Reviewed Meeting Minutes from last meeting. Announced adult backpacking course for Fall starting September 29, 1999 at QHSR. The adult shakedown should be used as a wake-up call to make sure that we are in shape and prepared; 21 adults particapated last weekend. Special thanks to Jim Brown, Dan Smith, and Danny Smith for providing Road Support.

Youth Protection Video

The Youth Protection Guidelines video was shown. It emphasized the follow points:

Committee Roster and Positions

Delete Jim Arose and Tod Brogowski from roster; add Greg Neubers

The following committee position volunteers were added:

Shakedown Hike #2 Food Ortiz
Conservation Weekend Gordaychik (FSR)
CPR/First Aid Training Stewart
First Aid Supplies Jennings, Gallagher


Designs for hats, t-shirts, and patches are needed. Bring your ideas next time.


Promotion will be done each week at Forestburg during the summer. Tentatively scheduled for Thursday evenings at 7 PM in AFCEA Center. Video to be shown along with some of the information from the Open House packet.

Open House

The open house package was distributed. The following will be making copies: Mayer, Ortiz, Jennings, Pinhas, and Golisch. Bill Mayer will be coordinating the Open House. Assignments for supplies and roles and responsibilities for the Open House were made. See the updated assignment sheets and agenda on the web site or attached.

Contingent Meeting

The Contingent Meeting on September 30 at QHSR will consist of the Youth Protections video, short introductions, and then crew meetings to prepare for the first shakedown hike.

Fall Shakedown Hike

Bob Greeley and Cliff Dainty will have details about the first shakedown by the August meeting.


Next Meetings

The next meeting will be August 12, 1999 at 7:30 PM at MCBSA Office, Oakhurst.

[Note: this was subsequently rescheduled for August 11, 1999 at same time and place]

Web Site

Information about the Philmont 2000 Trek can be found on the Internet at The site also contains information about the 1998 Trek and the stove training.