Monmouth Council B.S.A.
Philmont Trek 2004
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Last revised 8-31-03

Q:  When is the trip?
A:  June 29 - July 14, 2004

Q:  How do we get there?
A:  Monmouth Contingents usually fly to Denver and bus to New Mexico.

Q:  When and how do I sign up?
A:  Being present at Wednesday September 10, 2003 Philmont Open House at Ocean Recreation Center (Park Road) entitles you to be entered into a lottery if more than 100 youth are present and sign up.  Payment at the Open House of a $300 deposit moves you up into the highest priority.

Q:  How old do you have to be?
A:  Youth must be 14 by January 1, 2004 or graduated from the 8th grade and 13 by June 29, 2004.

Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  Payment plans run from September 2003 through June 2004, total cost estimated to be $1,150.  Camperships and fundraising opportunities available for those who cannot afford the full fee.

Q:  If I don't go this time when can I go?
A:  Monmouth Council sends a contingent every other year in even numbered years.

Q:  How many youth and adults make up the contingent?
A:  Up to 100 youth (young men and young women 14-18) and at least 20 adults.
Q:  Is deposit refundable?
A:  Depends on timing of request for refund and whether an acceptable replacement can be found.  See refund schedule on page 19 in Open House Package .

Q:  Are there rank requirements?
A:  Scouts must be First Class before departure for the Trek and Venturers must complete a substantial portion of the Bronze Outdoor Award if they are not already a First Class Scout.  Backpacking and Hiking Merit Badges are excellent preparation and are strongly recommended.

Q:  Must I attend the mandatory Crew and Contingent Training sessions?
A:  Yes your application is a notarized contract indicating that you are COMMITTED and REQUIRED to attend ALL mandatory Crew and Contingent activities.

Q:  Must I take youth protection?
A:  All participants must take BSA Youth Protection Training within the year prior to the date of the trek.

Q:  Are there weight and health restrictions?
A:  Yes weight restrictions are strictly enforced for both the health and safety of the participants and to facilitate rescue from remote locations where very large individuals could have to be littered for long distance.  Specific health restrictions likewise are enforced where experience the participant will be at risk to themselves and others.

Q:  When must I have my Doctor signed Physical Examination form in?
A:  Before the first shakedown October 2-4, 2003.

Q:  Who must have current First Aid and CPR certification?
A:  All adult advisors and as many of the crew as possible.

Q:  What choices of activities are available?  Who choses?
A:  47 distinct activities are available including .30/06 Rifle Shooting, 12-Gauge Shotgun, Archaeology, Archery, Astronomy, Black Powder Rifle, Blacksmithing, Burro Packing, Burro Racing, Cantina, Challenge Events, Chuck Wagon Breakfast, Chuck Wagon Dinner, Continental Tie & Lumber Company, Corn Grinding, Environmental Awareness, Fishing, Fishing Lodge Tour, Fly Tying, Gold Mining & Panning, Hike Hidden Valley, Hike Mt. Baldy, Hike Mt. Phillips, Hike Tooth of Time, Hike Trail Peak, Homesteading, Horse Riding, Jicarilla Apache Life, Metallic Silhouette Shooting, Mexican Homestead, Mexican Dinner, Mine Tour, Mountain Biking, Mountain Livin', Mountain Man Rendezvous, No Trace Camping, Philmont Story Campfire, Rock Climbing, Rocky Mountain Fur Company, Search & Rescue, Sweat Lodge, Tour Famous Homestead, Tour Hunting Lodge, Tour Petroglyphs, Tyrannosaurus Rex Track, Western Lore, Wilderness Medicine at 94 campsites of which 30+ are staffed to present these activities.  The Crew reviews the 35 available itineraries and selects a top five to reserve.  Philmont makes the final assignments in the winter before your trek so you will be able to prepare specifically for the itinerary you will hike.

Q:  How many in a Crew?
A:  Maximum 12 total, maximum 4 adults, minimum 2 adults 5 youth.

Q:  What altitudes are involved?
A:  6,000 to 12,441 feet above sea level.

Q:  Where is Philmont?
A:  In the Sangre de Christos Mountains of northeastern New Mexico.

Q:  How big is Philmont?
A:  215 square miles or 137, 493 acres

Q:  When did Waite and Geniveve Phillips give Philmont to the BSA?
A:  In two gifts in 1938 and 1941 for a total of 127,000+ acres.

Q:  When did Monmouth Council first go to Philmont?
A:  A trip was recorded in 1947.