Conference Pictures
Below are photos taken at the conference and around Philmont.
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Philmont Burros     Philmont Burros                 Old Mill Cimarron, NM

1800s Piano in Old Mill, Cimarron, NM     Philmont Trek Neckerchiefs     Philmont Trek Neckerchiefs

1800s Youth Group     Court House-Masonic Lodge Cimarron, NM     St. James Hotel Cimarron, NM

Tent City PTC                   Phillips Citation 12 Region                           Phillip's 17 Business Rules

  Phillip's 1920s autos     Philmont Bull                         Buffalo  

Old Phillip's Philmont Map     Carved Initials I     Carved Initials II

Villa Stained Glass            Villa UU Bar Crest            15th Century Italian Desk

Mountain Lion rug                       Villa ceiling     Black Bear rug

Villa Pool Garden I     Villa Pool Garden I                   Author Nancy Klein

Villa Fountain     PTC Covered Wagon     Philmont Gate with boots

Philmont Protestant Chapel               Philmont Protestant Chapel detail              Crow/Thornton/Wouters

    Montana Council Commissioner patch                               Montana Council Commmissioner medal                                 A Wise Den Leader    

A Boy's Eyes                     Venturing Quest     Villa Greensward

Philmont Map               Aerial photo PTC, GHQ & Tooth Ridge