Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #2 - May 4, 1999

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Meeting Notes -  in Word format


Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #2
May 4, 1999
Meeting Notes


Alvarez, Bascue, Cain, Crichton, Donovan, Giunta, Goldsmith, Golisch, Gordaychik, Jennings, Lazewski, Marshall, Mayer, Moralle, Noschese, Ortiz, Pachman, Pinhas, Stewart, Tanner


Agenda, Minutes from Meeting #1, Meeting Dates, Medical Record, May Adult Letter, August Scout Letter, Open House Package


Reviewed Meeting Minutes from last meeting. Emphasized that cost will depend greatly on airfares. Date of September contingent meeting changed.

Committee Roster and Positions

Ignore the positions and status columns of roster passed out at meeting.

The following committee position volunteers were obtained:

Contingent Leader Walt Tanner
Meeting Notes Larry Goldsmith
Shakedown Hike Logistics Cliff Dainty/Bob Greeley
Shakedown Hike Food Rich Bascue/Tony Guinta
Conservation Weekend Rich Moralles/Joe Amann (QHSR?)
Phil Crichton/? (FSR?)
Fund Raising Gary Romans/Norm Pinhas
Open House Bill Mayer/Dan Stewart
Promotions Phil Crichton
Shirts/Hats/Patches Frank Alvarez/Fred Pachman
Tour Planning/Reservations Bill Cain/Tom Jennings
CPR/First Aid Training Dan Stewart/Fred Pachman
Financial Records Larry Goldman
First Aid Supplies Dan Stewart/Frank Alvarez
Adult Shakedown Harvey Noschese/Rich Goldman


Designs for hats, t-shirts, and patches are needed. Bring your ideas.

Adult Shakedown

The adult shakedown hike will be held as a day hike on Sunday, June 13, 1999 starting at Tiorati Circle on Seven Lakes Dr in Harriman State Park. We will leave the circle at 8:00AM for a loop hike. Moderate to full packs required.

Backpack Course

There will be an adult backpacking course offered by Council starting September 29, 1999 at QHSR. It is announced in the May/June Trail.


A letter to unit leaders will be mailed in May announcing details.

Promotion will be done each week at Forestburg during the summer. Leaders are needed each week. Session 2 was the only one that seems covered at the moment. Camp Director will be contacted to determine availability of VCR, scheduling, and any staff members that may have been to Philmont to help.

A mailing to all Scouts of age will be made in August.

A preliminary open house package was distributed. It will be updated for next meeting. Bill Mayer will be coordinating the Open House.


The Youth Protection Guidelines film was skipped for this meeting as was the discussion of fundraising on the agenda.

Next Meetings

The next meeting will be June 17, 1999 at 7:30 at MCBSA Office, Oakhurst.
The following meeting will be August 12, 1999 at 7:30 PM at MCBSA Office, Oakhurst.

Web Site

Information about the Philmont 2000 Trek can be found on the Internet at The site also contains information about the 1998 Trek and the stove training.