Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #1 - March 30, 1999

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Philmont 2000 Committee Meeting #1
March 30, 1999
Meeting Notes


Alvarez, Arose, Aszy, Bascue, Bogart, Brogowski, Crichton, Dainty, Dutton, Giunta, L. Goldman, R. Goldman, Goldsmith, Golisch, Gordaychik, Greeley, Hans, Jennings, Lazewski, Marshall, Mayer, Moralle, Noschese, Ortiz, Pachman, Pinhas, Rock, Romans, Stewart, Tanner, Vaughn


Agenda, Adult Application, Tentative Itinerary, Preparation Plan


Walt Tanner, Philmont 2000 Contingent Leader, called the meeting to order and asked each person to tell a little about themselves and their Philmont involvement. He reminded all of the importance of attending all meetings and the need to participate in the committee positions. He indicated that the adult roster will be distributed after the meeting via e-mail so everyone should get their applications in. He noted that the Contingent Meeting scheduled on the agenda as 9./29 will now be held on 9/30/99 instead. Walt hopes to have a co-ed crew and make provisions for some financially disadvantaged Scouts also.

Committee Issues

We currently have 100 total slots at Philmont for 2000 consisting of 10 crews. There will be two adults slots per crew for a total of 20 adults going to Philmont. This means that not every one in the room will be able to make the trek. If there are any openings after all Scouts are handled, additional adults can go along as Crew Dads. Crew Dads will pay 100% of the Scout fee; the two Advisors will pay 60% of the Scout fee.

The Requirements for Adults was reviewed from the back of the Application. It was noted that the Philmont Medical Requirements on weight and blood pressure are strict and rechecked at Philmont. It was noted that there will be a Basis Backpacking Course offered in the Fall by Council starting 9/29/99 for people who need additional skills training. An adult shakedown hike will be held in June or September to make sure that all adults are capable of the trek. It will probably be at Harriman.

Walt quickly reviewed the Tentative Itinerary and the Preparation Plan outlined from now until July of 2000. At the next meeting, we will be planning the Open House.

Committee Positions

It is important to fill the various committee positions as contained in the handout. This will be reviewed in more detail at the next meeting. The following position volunteers have already been received:

Walt will handle budget and expenses. Harvey has already arranged buses for the shakedowns with Bill Quackenbush.

Promotional activities are important. There will be mailing in June to Units Leaders and in August to Scouts. Philmont will be promoted at Forestburg during the summer and at Roundtables. The Open House will be September 15.

Estimate of Scouts

A preliminary estimate of the number of Scouts expected from the various Troops represented was taken with the following results.

Troop 258: 10-12
T 110: 7-9
T 67: 6-8
T 242: 3-4
T 358: 7
T 116: 8
T 155: 2-3
T 41: 3-6

Total: 46-57

Philmont Schedule

We will be at Philmont from July 1, 2000 until July 13, 2000. We will leave NJ on June 28, 2000. Remember that the Philmont requirements for Scouts are to be 14 years of age by January 1, 2000 OR have completed the 8th Grade by the time attending. In addition, the Scout must have attained the First Class rank before leaving for Philmont.

The expected cost of the Trek will be $900-950. The airfare will be the primary determinate.


The Open House is September 15 at Ocean Township Recreation Center on W. Park Avenue.

A Contingent Meeting will be held on September 30 at Quail Hill to form crews and prepare for first shakedown.

The current shakedown dates are shown on the Agenda. The first will probably be from High Point south to Stokes on the AT with the second from Camp NoBeBoSco north to Rt 206 on the AT.

Lightweight Stove Training will be held at QHSR this spring on 4/17 at 3:30 PM, 5/8 at 11 and 1 PM, and 6/12 at 1 PM.

Next Meetings

The next meeting will be May 4, 1999 at 7:30 at MCBSA Office, Oakhurst.
The following meeting will be June 15, 1999 at 7:30 PM at MCBSA Office, Oakhurst.